Whether you’re relocating locally or from across the country, buying a new home is exciting! If you’re from Brevard you probably know what communities you’re interested in and which ones suit your lifestyle and budget. If you’re relocating from out of the area, suggestions from friends, relatives or your new employer can help us narrow your search.  In either case, I want to help you find the new home of your dreams!

Getting Started

Using the Featured Listing Tab you’ll find several lifestyle categories. Each lifestyle page begins with a brief description of the area’s highlights, including photos. I’ve set up the lifestyle search so your results follow immediately below. You can click on any property for more information. The best part? The search results include all of the subdivisions so you won’t miss out on that special place! Whether your goal is to find your perfect Lifestyle or you want to be close to your friends or relatives, or you want to keep your kids in the same school district, I wish you the best in your search.

 Searching for a home – you need a Buyer’s Agent working for you!

With so many choices to search for homes on the Internet – which one is the best? Well,  it’s important you know Internet sites receive their data from our local Realtor Association. In Brevard we are known as The Space Coast Association of Realtors. Our data is shared with all of these other sites. So the answer to my question: your best web site for searching for a home in Brevard is right here! This way you receive information “straight from the source”.

New homes are added every day and with demand in Brevard steady since 2011, you do not want to miss out when the right one becomes available. You need a professional you can count on (me!) to represent your interests and present your offer on a timely basis. But how will you be prepared to know how much to offer? What are the key facts on the property including recent updates, age of roof, age of the air conditioning system, how much are the Homeowner’s Association or Condominium dues? What are the subtle differences in the contract and which contract form should you use? Working as your buyer’s agent I work for you and your best interests.

If you suspect you’ll get a better price by not having a real estate agent or if you’re tempted to simply call the real estate agent whose name is on the sign in yard – you need to read the following paragraphs.


Listing Agent, Listing Contract, Buyer’s Agent, Selling Agent & Transaction Broker (Oh my!)

I’ve put together a summary of what these mean as related to real estate in Florida. All agents are defined as licensed real estate agents by the State of Florida.

Listing Agent: An agent who has a contract (listing contract) with the seller of a property which gives them the right to sell a property. All real estate agents must work for a real estate broker. A listing agent can also be a broker.

Listing Contract: A listing contract is a written agreement between the seller of a property and a real estate broker (all real estate agents must work for a real estate broker). The contract identifies the listing price, the time period the listing broker (agent) has the right to sell the property and the total fee the seller will pay the listing agent for selling the property. The listing contract also specifies how much of the listing agent’s total fee they will offer to share with a buyer’s agent. If the buyer does not have a buyer’s agent, the listing agent can collect the entire fee. Does a buyer save money if they don’t have a buyer’s agent working for them? No. And they don’t have a professional working for them to ensure they get sound strategy and advice. Does the listing agent make more commission if a buyer doesn’t have a buyer’s agent working for them? Yes. And they can’t give you the focused advice I can as your buyer’s agent.

Buyer’s Agent: An buyer’s agent, or single agent, works exclusively for a buyer and the buyer’s best interests. A listing agent cannot be a buyer’s agent because they can’t exclusively represent the interests of the seller and the buyer at the same time. How is a buyer’s agent paid? The buyer’s agent compensation is usually entirely paid from the fee the listing agent receives from the seller. I do not charge a separate buyer’s agent fee so my fee is 100% paid for by the seller!

Selling Agent: the agent who represents a buyer on a transaction.

Transaction Broker: A listing agent, with written permission from the seller, can complete all paperwork for both the seller and the buyer on a non-exclusive representation basis, i.e., when a buyer does not have an agent working exclusively for their interests and the listing agent is the only real estate agent involved in the transaction.


Real Estate Agent or Realtor?

Unlike someone with a real estate license who has simply met the state’s requirements to do business in Florida, Realtors takes the profession to the next level. I voluntarily agree to act under, and abide by, a Code of Ethics by becoming a member of our local, state and national Realtor boards/associations. As a Realtor, I abide by a set of professional principles, serve clients fairly and maintain a high level of industry knowledge about the buying and selling of real estate. You can be assured you are working with an experienced, capable and caring professional.


Hire Jeff Fleis to help you purchase your home

When you hire Jeff to help you purchase your home, you’ll work directly with Jeff! I stay in communication with you from the beginning to closing – and beyond. I can be reached via my office phone, cell phone, email or by text. The best part of my job is seeing the clients I’ve gotten to know on a personal basis move on to the next stage of their life – having earned their business and their trust.

Let’s set up a time to get together. Give me a call so we can set up a time to meet – there is no cost or obligation.

Contact me directly when you’re ready to set up an appointment to discuss your plans. Thank you!

Jeffrey Fleis