I appreciate your professionalism and concern for your clients. You have the utmost integrity and should I sell one of my properties when the market goes up you will be the only one I will call.

Thank you for your help in the past and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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Jeff did an excellent job both as a representative for me as a buyer and for me as a seller. As a buyer he gave me a good idea of the product that was available within the budget I had to work with. When homes became available that interested me, he was able to negotiate with the seller the terms and price that were agreeable to all parties to help close the sale.

As I became a seller he was able to give me an estimate of my property value based on the current market value in my area. We were able to quickly move an interested party into the property I owned.

I was very satisfied with the service that Jeffrey Fleis of Brevard Realty Group gave, and I will continue to use his services.

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Duanne Schneider

You were a referral for the listing of our home. Not only was the home sold quickly, but your great business process was appreciated. Kim and I have a fond memory of your kindness. You are truly a friend. We enjoy hearing from you.

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I came out of nowhere and you took me under your wing. You provided me with the solace I needed to make good, sound decisions on purchasing my home. By informing me of what’s available you helped me find companies who could assist me with special needs required by my wife and me. Your competent and knowledgeable skills combined with your relaxed guidance made it easy for me to achieve my goals. I loved and thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I am sorry the sale was completed. But I am happy you continue to keep in touch with me and still make me aware of what is here for me.

It is my pleasure to recommend you to my family, friends, and others I meet. Should an opportunity arise that I need an agent again, I would be extremely happy if you and only you would be there for me.

With the highest regards and pleasure – thank you Jeff.

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Robert W. Pluskota